Week 2, Day 2

English & writing

  • Review the main ideas for the 3 body paragraphs in the essay. Write up on the withe board and analyze.
  • Finish outline for essay and make sure have details and 2 quotes text for each of the 3 body paragraphs


  • Khan Academy Expressions and Variables – do 8 questions together on white board
  • Finish, including Unit Test

History & writing

  • What do you know about Ancient Egyptians? 
  • Look at map w/ water
    • Mesapotomia (below Caspian, btw. Mediterranian & Persian Gulf)
      • Tigris, Euphrates
    • Egypt (also Mediterranian Sea, next to Red Sea)
      • Nile, longest river in the world
  • What’s in common w/ where Mesopotamia and Egypt formed? (Water, fertile soils, and protected setting of the Nile Valley)
  • Civilization arose in Egypt around 3200 BC (before Sargon). More stable & lasted longer than Mesapotomia (SW Asia vs. N. Africa). 2 kingdoms — upper and lower Egypt. 
  • Desert on the west — protected against invasions. 

Independently read p. 90-95, take notes and prepare to tell me about it tomorrow.


Review 2.1 and write a paragraph summarizing 5 types of energy in your own words – giving one example of each.


Duolinguo – 10 min

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